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From cutting my hair off for spiritual reasons to these amazing haircare and skin essentials handcrafted by me. My herbal Infused essentials are a game changer not diluted, not full of toxic chemicals… Quality Essentials for the community inspired by Nature and Healing. The health of your hair and scalp is up to you . Your hair will begin to grow longer , healthier and you will see results with consistent use. Have you ever really read all the ingredients in your conditioners, shampoos , and styling creams . All those chemicals day after day are counter intuitive! My organic cold pressed oils , plant-based Leave-In Conditioner and Black Rice Water Shampoo has the perfect blend of ingredients to repair and maintain the health of your scalp and hair. I've taken numerous classes from Master Herbalist to a 150 hours 

Ayurvedic Haircare and Skincare Certification class and Ayurvedic Herbalism Diploma based around herbs and creating the essentials I offer you. All this has led to me really allowing my passions to come full circle and getting behind the chair styling hair.


Hair loss is my PURPOSE , Hair Styling is my PASSION! 


Tesha Sherie

As the CEO and founder of this intentional company, I pledge to keep things simple. We continue to maintain the integrity of our herbal Infused  essentials by infusing the  best herbs during creation and taking special note of our beloved customers’ feedback and fragrance requests. By sticking to our original mission of re-introducing the importance of self-care and herbalism into our everyday lives, we will persist to handcraft effective essentials that truly recuperate the mind, body, and soul.


I graciously appreciate each of our current customers, as well as those to come. I am humbled by your continued patronage and thank you deeply for sharing this healing journey with us. You truly are the best part of Eccentric GLOW.


Give Thanks for Taking the time to GLOW 

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